Chicken Little


Help Chicken little solving its big problem!



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Chicken Little is the hilarious Disney film that has arrived in cinemas for this christmas, where a little chicken and his friends try to solve a big problem...The sky is falling!!

Disney’s Chicken Little video games bring the excitement of the film to life and allows you to master unique gadgets and play as the key characters from the film in an endless variety of action-packed game play.

Live the adventures of Chicken Little and his gang of misfit friends - Fish-Out-of-Water, Runt of the Litter and Abby -- as the game catapults you into the hair-raising adventures of the movie.

But it will take more than cool moves to complete each mission. Rocket jet packs, slingshots and hover boards get you out of sticky situations like alien invasions, spiraling asteroids, and corn field mazes.

With a hilarious sound (sounds from the movie), video scenes that gets you into the game and makes you remember the movie, and a fabulous graphic engine, chicken little will be the favourite game of children.

The Sky is Falling and you can help Chicken Little to mend it.

It includes two complete levels

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